Terms and Conditions for Archimedes Jiu-Jitsu Academy LLC Services

1. Definitions

“Company”: Archimedes Jiu-Jitsu Academy LLC, hereinafter referred to as the “Company.”
“Client”: The individual or entity entering into a software development agreement with the Company.
“Project”: The specific software development project outlined in the agreement between the Company and the Client.

2. Scope of Services

The Company agrees to provide software development services to the Client as outlined in the Project Agreement.
The scope of services includes [list specific services, milestones, and deliverables].

3. Payment Terms

The Client agrees to pay the Company the agreed-upon fees for the software development services.
Payment terms, including deposit requirements, milestone payments, and final payment details, are specified in the Project Agreement.
Invoices shall be issued by the Company according to the agreed-upon payment schedule.

4. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks, related to the software developed by the Company shall belong to the Client upon full payment of fees.
The Company retains the right to use code libraries, frameworks, and other tools developed or used in the project for future projects and internal purposes.

5. Confidentiality

Both parties agree to keep confidential any proprietary or sensitive information disclosed during the course of the project.
Confidentiality obligations shall continue beyond the termination of the agreement.

6. Warranties and Liability

The Company warrants that it will perform the software development services with reasonable care and skill.
The Client acknowledges that software development involves inherent risks, and the Company shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.
The Company’s liability shall not exceed the total fees paid by the Client for the project.

7. Termination

Either party may terminate the agreement with written notice if the other party breaches any material term of the agreement.
Upon termination, the Client shall pay the Company for services rendered up to the date of termination.

8. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of [Jurisdiction].
Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in [Arbitration Venue] in accordance with the rules of [Arbitration Organization].

9. Miscellaneous

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes any prior agreements or representations.
Amendments to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

10. Acceptance

By engaging the Company’s services, the Client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.