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Where and how to buy a gi (AND get 20% off with Archimedes!)

At Archimedes, we are big supporters of Fuji gis, not only because they have chosen to sponsor us but primarily because of the quality of their products. Over the years we have tried just about every gi maker on the market. Some are a bad fit, some have poor quality material, some tear after only a few uses. With Fuji gis we have found that’s just not the case – they provide quality gis that fit all sizes and purposes.

If your goal is to simply train hard at BJJ and get fit here in Shreveport, Fuji has the right gi for you. If you have a more competitive spirit and need a gi to weigh less Fuji can help you there as well.

Archimedes’ sponsorship lets you select the gi that works for you and gets you 20% off your purchases of any Fuji products on their website. Just make sure to use this link and you will automatically see the savings at checkout. If you are unsure of which gi sizes to get, you can just chat with coach Chris and he can get you sorted!

Quick note on patches and gi colors:

At Archimedes first and foremost, we want you to come and love the gym. We want you to feel like this is an extension of your home. We are here to help you reduce stress as much as possible and as such while we encourage members to buy white gis, white is not mandatory. We also love it when members buy the Archimedes patch and add it to the back of the gi, but again that’s not mandatory either. So focus on coming for fun, fitness and learning Jiu-Jitsu and know that THAT is our first priority – a love for this beautiful sport!

Happy rolling!

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