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Are Private Classes Right for You?

In today’s article we’ll be discussing what private classes are, if they are right for you and how to maximize the value of your private class. 

Private classes are one-on-one or one-on-two classes. The class is dictated by what the student wants to review. This is a great way to learn Jiu-Jitsu because the instructor gives personal attention to a student’s progression. It is easier to address the differences in body types, athleticism, and limitations of the students. We can then make adjustments to the technique to suit the student’s ability. 

How do you know if a private class is for you? Private classes are available for all students but some students can benefit more from them than others. Private classes are ideal for students who can’t make the standard class time. Private lessons are done during non-peak hours. Allowing for the student to negotiate a class time that works for them. The next reason to schedule private classes is to troubleshoot an issue that you are dealing with. Maybe there is a defense to your best attack, or you keep getting submitted with the same technique repeatedly. You can use a private class to not only diagnose the issue but correct the issue by providing technical solutions for the issue. Another great candidate for private classes is the student who is prepping for a tournament and trying to develop a game or strategy/system. 

How can you maximize the value of the private lesson? First show up with a plan. Be sure you know what you would like to learn. For newer students who are looking to improve but are unsure where to start you can ask the instructor to watch you spar and see what they can help with. Preferably you want to give at least a day for your instructor to develop a training plan. Second if possible get a second student to split the cost and so you can see the technique being done to another student. Finally implement what you have learned in class if there are multiple sessions bring it up to the instructor so they can help tweak the techniques that you had attempted to use. 

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